Itaewon + Myeongdong - Trip to Seoul Day 1

My first day in Korea was packed full of food and shopping. We woke up around 10AM and walked into Itaewon, the foreign district of Seoul, where we ate breakfast at Suji's, a New York styled deli. Chris gave me a quick lesson in Korean while we ate our free cinnamon roll and brunch foods, walked around a bit, bought a handmade scarf and mittens, then we hit the Subway to Myeongdong, one of the many shopping districts Seoul has to offer. We walked through the bustling streets, went into Uniqlo for a new jacket, and hat, and were interviewed by some Korean students that were studying English for University. Then we went to the one place I've been dying to go to since I first discovered they were a thing - a fish pedicure!

A fish pedicure is where tiny toothless carp fish eat the dead skin off your feet. It feels ridiculous, and amazing all at once! And my feet feel fabulous now!

Enjoy these photos from the day! Check my Instagram @asiaantelope for more photos throughout the day, and add me on SnapChat @asiaantelope to see my story from the day, including my drinking adventure back in Itaewon later that night.

View this video of the fish pedicure below as well:

Letting fish eat the dead skin off my feet!!

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