Yongsan + iPark Mall - Trip to Seoul Day 2

My second day in Seoul was just as packed as my first. This is actually going to be a two-part blog post today. The first half of my day involved drinking coffee at a shop in Yongsan, eating at Pizza School (sadly, they did not teach me anything about pizza I didn't already know), getting Kakao snacks (in case you weren't aware, Kakao is quite possibly the most adorable app known to man... the emojis are the best, and if you buy Kakao snacks each snack comes with a sticker of that emoji). After that we headed over to iPark mall, which is quite possibly the most massive mall I will ever lay eyes on in my lifetime. Seven floors up we found the camera level (which I, of course, was VERY excited about), I sadly did not purchase any cameras or gear.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my second day in Seoul. Photos from the Korean punk rock concert that we went to at The Prism Hall.