Hoehyeon + Searching For Sunrat - Trip to Seoul Day 3

My third day in Seoul was a little less adventurous than my first two. Chris and I headed into Hoehyeon to grab whatever you call that meal you eat somewhere between lunch and dinner around 1:30PM after being lazy all morning in our hotel room. We went to some place called Mammoth, I ate my first octopus, and drank my first shot of Soju (see the bottom of this blog post for a video of it.... it's pretty horrible.) 

We headed back to the hotel to hang out for a little bit and do some research on where to find Sunrat Tattoo. For years in South Korea tattoos weren't viewed as works of art. While it isn't illegal to receive tattoos in Korea the laws put on who can tattoo people are extremely strict, making it incredibly difficult to get a tattoo here. All of that said...... I've made it my mission while I'm here in Seoul to find Sunrat and get tattooed by him. 

Unfortunately, it is fucking impossible to find his shop. We searched the same 3 block radius where his shop should have been, and nothing. We stopped two Korean clowns on stilts (who were really funny and lovely!) and traded some American cigarettes for help finding it... nothing. We finally gave up for the day and headed back to grab some food and sleep, but I'm going back at some point this week to find it. 

Enjoy the photos!

Here's a video of my very first Soju shot, for your viewing pleasure!

Asia's first shot of #soju . #asiagoestoasia #seoul #Korea

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