Drinking In Itaewon - Trip to Seoul Day 4

Day 4 was another lazy day in Korea, but the most interesting of nights.... from what I remember. To sum it up in the great words of Christopher Clements, "We fucked shit up."

We went to a super weird, but awesomely delicious Thai restaurant. There was fake grass on the floor in place of carpet, and beanbags and floor pillows to sit on in place of chairs. But the food totally made up for the off atmosphere. After eating a bunch of yummy food I forced Chris and Chelsey to go into a Sherlock Holmes themed bar. They were quite grouchy about having to go in there, but after our first round of cocktails there were no longer any complaints.

We grabbed a few cocktails each (and seriously, that Korean man put his heart and soul into those cocktails), then headed out to make the usual rounds to Thursdays and Friends. We ate some spaghetti pretzels, drank a trashcan, played some pool, and I got drunk as fuck. I've been told I rapped. And that it was impressive, so I'm going to say that I had a pretty fucking successful night.

Here are pictures: