IFC Mall - Trip to Seoul Day 6 (Part 2)

Our second part of our day was spent shopping and watching a 4D movie at the IFC Mall in Yeouido. Our subway stop was actually inside the bottom of the mall. Before I go any further, look at this photo up there ^^.

That is the roof of the IFC Mall. A seven story tall mall. Completely underground. When we walked outside I had no words, and, honestly? I still don't have any to describe that feeling. I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer mass of this mall. I don't know what I thought malls in South Korea was going to be like, but I can definitely tell you: It wasn't this.

This mall had everything from giant Clash of Clans characters next to the flights of stairs (don't worry, there is a photo of my standing next to the archer for size comparison in case you didn't see it on Instagram already), to a 4D movie theatre where we watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (which was hilarious, as well as fun going to see it in 4D). 

The last few photos in this post are from our walk back to the hotel from the subway station through Itaewon. Enjoy!