Godabang Cat Cafe in Myeongdong - Trip to Seoul Day 9

Going to Seoul one of my biggest goals was to go to a cat cafe. We started our day out in Myeongdong looking for Lily Cat cafe, which we later were told closed down a while ago. Just when we were getting ready to give up after searching up and down the streets and eating some delicious street food I had stopped to eat by a sign that just happened to be this:

A sign for a cat cafe! What were the odds that we would find one down the one random road we had stopped to eat at? It was on the 6th floor of a building called Godabang Cafe. You pay 8,000 per person to enter, which includes a free drink and unlimited time to play with the kitties. 

They had drawers under your seats to keep your jackets fur-free, which I really appreciated. They gave you an adorable list of rules to follow when playing with the cats, and after that we had free roam of the place.

The cats were gorgeous, and so was the natural light that filtered in through the large windows. We stayed for about two hours. They had blankets that you could set down on your lap for cats, and they went around giving you some cat food for the back of your hand (see the bottom of this post for a video of the pretty blue-eyed cat eating food off the back of my hand while it stood on Chris's back). I could have spent all day in here, and I totally 1,000% recommend coming to a cat cafe if you're visiting Seoul and you even mildly like cats and adorable things.