Hiking to Seoul Tower - Trip to Seoul Day 7 (Part 1)

I've been spending my days adventuring in the shadow of this tower, and I finally got to hike up to it on my seventh day in Seoul. After stopping for some neckbone soup we headed out for a day of hiking. Rather than finding the actual entrance to the trail, Chris and I decided to walk down alleys just outside of the base. We figured if we walked uphill and in the general direction of the tower we would eventually find an entrance. And we totally did! It was the hardest trail, but I figure I would rather take the fast, hard trail than the easy long way up, so that's what we did.

When we finally got up to the top we bought our tickets to ride the elevator to the top, and paid the extra $7 to have access to the Alive Museum (which will be featured in part two of this blog post.. It was awesome enough to warrant it's own feauture). I believe we paid something like $15/person for the museum and ride to the top.... totally worth it! The view from the top of the tower was absolutely amazing. A 360 degree view of the entire city on a (mostly) clear day is more than I could have asked for. Plus, when we got back down to the bottom there was a martial arts weapons show going on!

Enjoy the photos from the day, and look out for part two coming atcha soon!