Sherlock Holmes Bar in Itaewon - The Best Bar in Seoul

I know, I know, I'm slacking on my Korea blogs. I've been home for more than a month now and I'm still writing about it. But hey, I never said that keeping a consistent blog was one of my fortes. Never-the-less. Here I am, sitting in my futon bed snuggled up with my dog and watching Heroes at 2AM still writing about Korea. 

I had meant to write this blog before I wrote a lot of other Korean blogs, because Sherlocks was such a pinnacle point in my trip. We first went up there on a whim. Simply because I love the BBC show Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and Watson accordingly. Chris, Chelsea and I were walking down an alley in Itaewon and I spotted the bar from the street below.

I forced them to go up there with me, claiming it as my right as the one who was officially "on vacation". After much grumbling they obliged me. We enjoyed some good drinks and left that night. Actually, we enjoyed quite possibly the greatest mixed drinks I have ever, or will ever have the absolute pleasure of enjoying. And then we left.

I don't think we went back for a couple of days. Or maybe we went back the next night. If I had been more careful about my blogging I would have been able to tell you for sure what conspired, but to be fair we did do a LOT of drinking on nearly a daily basis while I was there.

We went back several times during my trip, made great friends with the owner of the bar, Sam, and one of the bartenders that work there, Jay. Enjoyed amazing drinks, met great people, and even have Sam to thank for us being able to try dog for the first time, but that's meant for another blog post. 

This post was really just to tell everyone that if you go to Seoul, and you find yourself in Itaewon itching for the best fucking mixed drink you've ever tasted in your life then you should do yourself a favor and sit at the bar in The Sherlock Holmes. You're welcome.