Myeongdong + the Pursuit of Food - Trip to Seoul Day 9

On Chris and my hunt for the Cat Cafe in Myeongdong, we did a bit of adventuring. Chris has been looking for a restaurant to eat dog at since he came to Korea six months ago. Our game-plan for the day was to find me a cat cafe, enjoy some quality time with the kitties, then hop on the Subway to an address we found online that supposedly served dog. 

While we didn't find the address we were looking for (although we DID find a connection for some dog later that night - thanks, Sam!), I ate TONS of delicious street food (including freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, waffles with cream, deep fried potatoes on a stick, and one of my newly discovered favorite snacks - these weird cornbread muffins with a hard boiled egg in the center - I miss it already), we had a nice little trek through previously unexplored (by us) streets and back alleys. AND! We found a Kakao store where we bought Neo and Frodo stuffed animals among other adorable Kakao stickers.