Abandoned Train In Bellowsfalls, VT (VT Part 1/4)

This is the first installment of a 4 part blog post from my last-minute trip to visit my family in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. (Photos from the NH part of my trip will be on the blog sometime soon.... as well as some new trail photos I have from NJ... I've been seriously slacking on my posts these past few months with my new promotion and the move.)

Dad, Kristopher and I went on a one-day excursion to NH to visit family for the holidays. Dad and I planned a few hiking stops along our way home (much to Kristopher's dismay). Our first mini-hiking experience was (what I'm dubbing) the Alien Head Carvings about 100 meters down from these abandoned train cars in Bellowsfalls, VT. A small Vermont town my father grew up in, and knows well.

As we drove past the shiny silver train cars, awfully reminiscent of an Airstream camper, I asked if we could stop for a few minutes so I could take some photos of the outside of the cars. 

As I looked around the cars, I noticed what looked like a cracked door to one of the cars, and, lo & behold! I got inside! It was absolutely beautiful inside, and next time I'm up I would love to throw a model or two in my car and photograph them in there. (A hint to any NH/VT friends reading this!) 

Of course, there was ample graffiti for my brother to eagerly photograph with my new X100 I "let" him use. (By let, I mean that I wanted proof of myself being somewhere for once, so I coerced him into taking my photos.)

As we explored the car and graffiti, a middle aged woman pulled up asking if I was a photographer. When I replied "Yes!" She told me she had her older friend in the car who used to work on the tracks we were standing on, and that he'd like to tell me about the history of the station and the train cars we were walking through if I was interested.

Unfortunately, I don't remember this lovely gentleman's name, but he worked on these cars since 1965. The train car we photographed was called an RDC car, and it used to run between NYC and VT for years before being retired to this rail yard. (Train yard? Not really certain what these are technically called.)

After they pulled away, Dad and I climbed up on top for a few minutes for a different view of the place, and we headed out for the Alien Carvings. (Dad took photos of me on the top of the cars with his iPhone, which you can find posted on my Instagram @asiaantelope.)