My Passion For Food

I went to an ice sculpture festival today (which I will totally blog about at a later date. Currently importing the photos from that whilst I write this blog), and I came to the realization about why I love food so much while eating an empanada from a food truck.

Food has the power to bring people together. Whether you smile at someone while you're buying a churro from a street cart in Korea, sitting at a country line dancing bar in South Jersey or you're just laying in bed eating popcorn and drinking cheap wine with a good friend. It doesn't matter. Food and drinks have a way of making people fast friends. 

I love to experience every aspect of culinary delight. One of my favorite things to do at a bar is to tell my server to bring me something delicious and surprising. Sometimes it turns out awesome and I get to learn what a Tokyo Iced Tea or a Macchiato Martini is. Other times I end up drinking some hoppy hipster beer that I can barely take a sip of without looking like I just swallowed a whole lemon. But it's always a talking point. A conversation starter. You can look at someone drinking a beer you've never heard of and just simply ask them, "Hey is that even any good?" And somehow, after sharing his beer, drinking three beers of your own, and sharing (or completely eating, in my case) two bowls of french fries later, you're half cocked with them talking about the Irish Dwarf Riots, North Korea, how Nazis had great uniforms with horrible ethics, and Trailer Park Boys. 

Show me something else that can do that for a person, and I will quit going out to bars to talk to people. But until then, this is one of my biggest hobbies in life.