Eating Gaejangguk - Trip to Seoul Day 11

Yep. Still writing blogs from Korea. This is my second to last one, and one of my favorites to write. It's controversial, yes, but dog meat stew (Gaejangguk) is both a delicacy and, actually, quite delicious! One of my goals when traveling to Korea. Cliche and touristy? Maybe. But it was one of the things that I wanted to do none-the-less. Chris and I searched a couple of separate days during my trip for the best place to try dog meat soup to no avail. (Contrary to popular belief, there aren't thousands of shops just offering up dog stew, and it's even more elusive of a find if you're clearly foreign... especially American.) Finally on one of the many nights we sat across from Sam at Sherlock's we convinced him to meet up with us at a subway stop and take us to his favorite dog soup restaurant. 

It was delicious. The texture was a bit much for my poor Western palate, but getting past that it's definitely something that I would eat again... maybe not go out of my way to eat again, but if I were to find myself at a party or a dinner of some kind and for some reason Gaejangguk was on the menu I don't think that I would find myself refusing any time soon. Anyways! Enjoy the photos. They can't really convey the taste, but you can see for yourself that Gaejangguk doesn't look like anything special, or gross. It just looks like good food.