Foggy Hike Through Whitesbogs with Friends

I've never been much of a nature photographer, always preferring to encorporate portraiture into nearly all of my work. But I've always appreciated the beauty in the little things the world has to offer. Long before I ever was interested in photography I've held a special love for rainy day fog. The brief, golden moments before a sunset. The stillness of a lake. I was just never certain how to take my feelings for these moments and really create something out of them.

I'm not sure that I've found it just yet, but I definitely feel like I'm getting closer. This foggy afternoon Steph and I were driving home from work and the foggy streets were inspiring me to get out and shoot, so we got home, changed out of our work uniforms, grabbed Mel and Jimmy and drove out to Whitesbogs to walk around and capture some good old fashioned photographs and make some memories. Here are mine.