Grapefruits in New York City

Hi. My name is Asia Davidson, and this is the story of how Britnie, our new friend Johanna, and I bribed our way into the Nightly Show with two tickets and a pink grapefruit in NYC.

Today started like any normal Monday when I don't have work - laying under the electric blanket avoiding waking up, because waking up would mean getting out from under my blanket - plus Honda would know I was awake, and I'd have to take her outside. It's just a whole process I try to avoid as much as possible. But this morning, I'm glad that I was doing a less than admirable job at that task.

Britnie sent me a text telling me to meet her at her job by noon so we could leave on our way to NYC to watch a studio taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We literally ran to the train station in Hamilton, jumped on the subway and ran the couple of blocks over to the building it was going to be filmed in...... only to find out that they had literally ran out of tickets 20 minutes previously. Well, shit. But! There was hope! We were told that the Nightly Show with Larry Whitmore might still have tickets! So we headed over there in hopes of getting to see some sort of show today. We were a little early to that show, so the nice (and cute!) intern Antonio that works there told us to grab food (which we did, from a Mexican restaurant ran by a Chinese lady - because fuck logic!), and come back. We asked how we could guarantee that we got in and he told us that his boss happened to really love pink grapefruit.

So we head out to grab food and a grapefruit and come back when he told us to. Standing in line we met a woman named Johanna. Our first impression of Johanna was a scattered woman who got in line behind us and immediately screamed obscenities at a squat balding man who bumped into her in his haste to get past her on the sidewalk and made her spill her coffee on her jacket. But, she had an extra ticket to the show, and we had none, so we made fast friends of her. She was a standup comedian with a lot to say. She used to write for SNL for a year, and had a couple interviews to work for the Daily Show (sadly, Jon Stewart didn't deem her funny enough after the second interview). 

Johanna, myself and Britnie waiting in line outside.

Johanna, myself and Britnie waiting in line outside.

After much shivering and standing in line outside we finally got in to watch Larry Whitmore interview the current mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, which was pretty awesome to watch. Be sure to tune into the show on Hulu for full interview details. 

After the show Johanna (who had overstayed her welcome just a little bit) headed off on her own, which left Britnie and I with plenty of time left to explore NYC a little bit. This was only my third or fourth time going into the city (yes, I know it's only an hour train ride there. I have plans to go back soon, and more often), so I wanted to see Times Square at night. I was not disappointed. 

Britnie didn't warn me not to talk to the lovely people panhandling their Reggae Hip-Hop CDs and comedy show tickets out there, so, me being the naturally outgoing person that I am, ended up getting us swindled into conversation with a man who would not stop asking for my phone number, no matter how many ways I told him he wasn't getting it, and a nice man named Sean who was convinced we were both hippies. But we ended up with two free $30 comedy show tickets that never expire out of the ordeal, so overall, I'd definitely say that it was worth it. 

We also went in the giant Toys-R-Us, the Hershey Store (where Britnie bought two GIANT boxes of chocolate for the cops at her job), and ate a delicious pretzel from a food cart. (Have you caught onto the fact that I love food trucks and street food a lot, because I totally do.)

Overall it was an amazing, random, fun-filled day, and a fantastic way to end an otherwise uneventful three-day weekend, and I had to write about it while it was all still fresh in my mind before I forgot everything. But it is now 3:13AM, and I have to get up at a descent time tomorrow morning, so I believe it's time to wrap this up with our Times Square photos.