Jamaica - Throwback.... Monday?

I was going to save my post from my trip to Jamiaca.. what? Two? Three years ago? for a #throwbackthursday post sometime in the future, but since today is my parent's anniversary, and I have another hour before I need to leave for work, I figured now is as good a time as any to post it.

Jamaica was my first out-of-country trip that I've ever taken.... unless you count Canada back when you didn't even need a passport to get across the border, and our camp was a 15 minute drive to the crossing... Which I kind of don't. It was the first stamp that I got in my passport. 

The whole trip was absolutely amazing. Stunning white sand, perfect, crystal clear water that you could see all the way to the bottom 30ft below. Mystical aquatic creatures like stingrays, blowfish and even the lionfish that I got to see when I went snorkeling. (That was right before I floated myself into a small school of jellyfish and panicked my way back onto the boat to hang out with our lovely ocean tour guide and talk soccer.) We hiked up Dunn's River Falls. I drank. My father took me to a night club called Pier One. They didn't sell furniture, but they WERE built on a boating pier. Complete with boats that came to moor there. My dad paid for all my drinks and even scared away a night club stalker I picked up accidentally. 

And my parents got married! I couldn't have asked for a better trip. And now that they're purchasing their house down there I have no reason to not get back ASAP! Happy anniversary to my dad and Denise. I'm so glad that you're my family. I love you both!

My brother (pictured directly above), also asked me to teach him how to use my camera, and to do that he decided to use me as his model. So I was actually photographed on a vacation that I went on for once! Shocking, I know! Ridiculous photos of me below:

And, last but not least! The photos from my $8 underwater film camera I bought off eBay for this trip, that totally leaked a little bit, but I still love the images from it. They're photos from hiking Dunn's River and snorkeling!

Lastly, my cellphone images. Which while not spectacular, are still very near and dear to my heart. I'll just put them in a grid, feel free to click around on 'em at your leisure. Or don't! :)