Apple Pie Hill - Part 2 (Night Photography)

I've been interested in night-time photography since I started shooting with my first DSLR about 4 years ago, but never could quite master it. I always had some reason why I couldn't create images. "My D80's ISO capabilities aren't good enough," "I don't have a tripod," and "I need a remote trigger for my shutter," were amongst my top excuses. Even after I purchased my D300, I had the same results. Everyone on every photography forum that I followed seemed to know how to capture the stars, and yet, I just couldn't fathom how they were doing it so successfully.

About a month ago I went to APH (which you can see during the day in this blog post) with a few friends around 2AM and decided I was going to bring my camera. I'm trying to capture the things that I enjoy doing more often now, and you can't capture images if you don't have your camera on you. I decided I didn't care if it was 2AM and pitch black outside. I don't own a tripod, and I'd been drinking wine all night. I was going to capture the APH photos I had dreamed of capturing since first discovering the location.

The images are entirely lit by ambient light with an ISO of around 1600 and a shutter speed that made it almost impossible to take an image without a tripod. (Seriously, you try staying completely still for 5 seconds. Where even the slightest of movements can ruin the entire shot.) Sure, the photos could be better if I had a tripod and was able to use a longer shutter and lower ISO, but I'm so proud of my creations. It only took roughly 100 photos, a gorgeous night, two amazing friends, and one cellphone flashlight to create my dream, but here it is, and man, is it glorious!