USA v Germany in Montreal

So, if you don't know (and if you don't, I'm very disappointed in you), the FIFA Women's World Cup is being held in Canada this year. I've been working like crazy. Long shifts, no time to catch the games, and it's become increasingly frustrating. So the other day before work as I was watching one of the games that were recorded on the TV I sat thinking about all the games I was missing and how annoying it was that I'd only seen ONE USA game while it was live. Then I thought about how close Canada was to the US. I mean..... I used to live practically next to Canada when I was in New Hampshire. And NH isn't that far of a drive from here.

I began frantically searching for tickets close by. There were still lots of Vancouver games left, but a quick Google Maps search showed that to be roughly a 44 hour drive... Not very practical when I would need short notice coverage to go.

Finally I found it! One of the semifinals games was going to be held in Montreal, only a 7 hour drive from my house! I had no idea who would play in it. It was going to be the two winners of Friday's games (Germany v France and USA v China). I found tickets for only $50 each, and promptly purchased two of them.... without even having any idea how I would be driving up there (my car probably would have exploded), or who would take the second ticket.

Luckily, my friends are just as spontaneous as I am, and my coworkers are amazing. My two friends Britnie and Kate joined me on the excursion, driving up to Montreal in the middle of the night Monday, exploring the city and getting day drunk with an old roller derby friend from Kansas (who just HAPPENED to be visiting family in Montreal at the same time!), Gilda (pronounced Jill-duh), and letting me scream my head off during the entire game.

Here are some of the camera and cellphone images/videos I got of the day. Hope you enjoy!

BTW! Montreal has COMMUNITY FREAKING PIANOS! This guy was totally killing it, too.

Finally lots of exploring, drinks and food, we headed back to the hotel room to get ready for the game, (I'm talking getting SUPER patriotic, here!) hopped on the metro green line, and got to watch what I will NEVER stop talking about. (Seriously, I'm STILL on a soccer high, and we haven't even played our final game yet!)


GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL #Montreal #canada2015 #USA #Germany #womensworldcup #semifinals #FIFA

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After the game we took a few photos of the stadium and grabbed a few beers (or at least attempted to), before heading back to the hotel for the night before our long drive home. I wouldn't change a moment of this trip for anything and I am so, so grateful that I have opportunities like this. Can't wait for the game on Sunday! GO USA!