Wells Mills County Park

My friend Ashley and I have been hiking for a while now, but we both just began getting more "serious" about our hikes somewhere around the end of June. Every week I look forward to going on a small adventure with her, and we are never disappointed. Our trip to Wells Mills County Park, located just off of Route 72 in Waretown, NJ was one of the more difficult trips we've taken. Not because the trails were particularly difficult..... at all. But because it was roughly 95*F that day, with a 90% humidity index.

We're not really out of shape, however, we're not precisely "in shape", either. And that heat would have kicked anyone's butts. We did their shortest loop on the yellow trail, and took our sweet time, taking in the sights on the trail, enjoying the sounds of nature, the beautiful creek, and the cedar swamp. 

Once we reached the small wooden bridge we stopped off for a dip  in the creek, and a picnic, just taking in the scenery before the last mile of our loop.