The One Where I Move (....Again)

(Can you tell I've been rewatching Friends on Netflix? Because I have been.)

This isn't a pretty blog post with lots of cool photos from an adventure, or a funny one. Or even a boring one. It's just thoughts that I'm having as I sit on my bottom mattress (because I stack 2 memory foam mattresses atop one another for a tall, squishy bed).

I'm sitting here, feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of packing up my life again. I am no longer surprised that my life fits into a few totes and some cardboard boxes loaded onto the back of a truck. It's routine. I'm not longer surprised when I have to move somewhere new. It's the norm. 

I grew up in the same house, in the same town, with the same people until I was 15. Since then I've moved from New Hamshire to New Jersey (the best thing that I've done in my short 22 years so far). In New Jersey I moved from the house on Poppy Street to Wichita Trail. I married Chris, packed up everything an moved across the country to our home at 221 Locust Street, and later, literally across the street to 224 Locust. (My personal favorite of my homes). When Chris left for Korea I moved back home from Kansas to New Jersey to live with Luna in March of 2014. Less than a year ago in October 2014 I moved to my apartment behind Schneider's with the leaky roof and strange happenings.

And now, I'm packing up again to move to Medford, to the home of my generous, amazing friends Cait and Steve (I'm sure you've seen the numerous photos I've taken of them... and if not, don't worry. There's more to come!) 

I'm so excited for this move. I LOVE Cait and Steve. We're gonna have an amazing time. Cait makes wreaths, Steve makes music, and I make photos. Three creatives living under one roof can never be a bad thing. We all work hard, play hard, and are fantastic humans. Their home is beautiful, and I'm so, so grateful for the opportunity they're providing me with to save money. 

Moving and I have a love/hate relationship. I HATE packing up all of my things. It overwhelms me and makes me anxious. But I LOVE setting up a new space. Decorating a new room, arranging my furniture. I swear I must have been an interior designer in a past lift, because my passion for it reigns supreme. I love downsizing. I love finding things that I had previously lost, or things I had forgotten completely. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the friends who have stuck by me these past years as I wander from place to place like a vagabond. The ones who have helped me pack and unpack, have loaned me their totes and their boxes. Their trucks and their time. I appreciate each and every person who comes to see my new place. The ones who have helped me clear out the old ones. I love you all.

Seriously. Thank you.