Rancocas Creek State Park

The Rancocas Creek State Park hosts a variety of hiking trails that snake in and out of the woods, giving you a a glimpse of the creek every now and then. The trail we took (whose color I don't remember at this moment) had everything from hills with tall grass, towering pines, snaking vines, abandoned buildings (which, in case you weren't aware, are one of my favorite things in life), and anything in between. (INCLUDING tree penises). 


We also discovered a super cool abandoned home, falling apart and covered in graffit. (Just the way I like 'em.) I, of course, couldn't resist walking around inside it, and especially enjoyed the Heisenberg graffiti on the back side of it.

After spending way too much time sitting around on the abandoned steps, we finally finished out the hike. I subsequently ran out of space on my CF card, but I love the images we did create regardless.