Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve

The Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve (say that name 10x fast..) is a small preserve located in Woodland Township, NJ hosting roughly 5 miles worth of trails winding throughout the pines.

Named for the late Michael Huber, a conservationist who served on the Board of Trustees  of New Jersey Conservation Foundation prior to his passing in 2009, this preserve boasts a large variety of curiosities including several spungs, or isolated wetlands that rely entirely on snow and rainfall to maintain proper water level, winding (slightly unmaintained) trails, foot bridges, and several hunting stands.

Ashley, Honda and I ended up doing somewhere between 5 - 7 miles on several sections of the red, green, and white trails, taking our time and enjoying the warm, damp weather, climb tree stands, and even find a perfectly preserved animal skull.