The Guinness Factory - A Review

Our second day in Ireland was spent in the rainy city of Dublin. This is the second 

Our first stop of the day was the Guinness Storehouse, which was Dad's requested stop of the trip. We pre-purchased our entry tickets online for €16 per person via Earlybird Weekend Entry, but if you're not willing to enter the Storehouse before 11:30am on the weekend normal ticket prices range between €18 - €20. We arrived at the Storehouse at nearly 11:30am precisely (us Davidson's have never been morning folk), and were instantly grateful for our planning ahead, because there was a line of people wrapping around the building that we were able to skip.

Check out  Gary Davidson runs  for more photos!

Check out Gary Davidson runs for more photos!

(Seriously - I can not stress this one enough.... if you plan on visiting the Guinness Storehouse during your stay in Dublin PRE-PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS!!!)

The Storehouse itself, while crowded and noisy, was also pretty neat! Not "let's go here again!" neat, but neat none-the-less. The building is seven stories tall, and tells the tale of the brew that so many in Ireland (and around the world) love. We opted to skip the giftshop (which seemed overpriced, and if you think like us, you can buy the same stuff on Amazon for less money - and it's shipped straight to your home, which leaves more room in your suitcase for other goodies!) 

We were honestly a bit unimpressed until we got to the second floor where there was a bar, a pouring class teaching patrons how they, too, can pour the perfect pint of Guinness (again, this was something we opted out of. There is an additional fee for this class, and the line corral was already full before noon.) Our favorite feature of the second floor? There was a live band with river dancers up front. During a band intermission, Guinness employs their patrons to join in a traditional song with hand drums. Somehow I was roped in to playing along, and you can view that video below.

After enjoying some song and dance (along with 2 pints each), we continued making our way to the Seventh Floor Gravity Bar to redeem our "free" pint coupons, which are included in the admission tickets. Along the way we saw the advertisements of Guinness past, and enjoyed a free tasting

The Gravity Bar itself was packed to the brim with people by the time we got there. And with good reason, too! The Guinness Storehouse's top floor bar boasts a 360° view of the city - if you're lucky enough to get to the windows, that is. The people who manage to push their way to the windows aren't ones to give up that gloriously desired position, although many who are standing are willing to step to the side for a quick photo or two before stepping back in to their original roost.

Free beer at the #gravitybar at the Guinness Storehouse

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The Guinness Storehouse was so extensive, I decided to dedicate an entire post to it, but the second part of our Dublin adventures will be on the blog soon!